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League Rules

Copa Sports & Leisure Ltd T/A ‘Sixes’
5/6-A-Side League & Cup Rules & Regulations   Each team shall be deemed to have given its consent to the following Rules     ARRANGEMENT OF MATCHES
Games and group positions shall be determined as follows:
  • Three points for a win
  • One point for a draw
  • Equal on points for any position, goal difference shall decide in the event of equality of points and goal difference, highest number of goals for shall decide.
  • If at the end of the season, the top teams are still level, the teams shall have 3 penalties each and if they are still level, the league position will be determined by ‘sudden death’ penalty kicks.
If a team is not ready to play at the correct time and correct pitch as detailed on the fixture list they will forfeit their points. The match will NOT be re-scheduled. Depending on their circumstances teams turning up late may be able to play their match.  
  • All Players must be registered by completing their personal details on the League Entry Form or registered with Sixes staff.
  • Minimum age of players is 16 years.
  • Each team shall consist of no more than 6 players (6-A-Side) or 5 players (5-A-Side), one of whom is a goalkeeper on the pitch at any one time. A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than 5 players (6-A-Side) or 4 players (5-A-Side).
  • A player arriving late may join the game with the referee’s permission.
  • Any of the players may change places with the goalkeeper, provided that the referee is informed before the change is made and provided also that the change is made during a stoppage in the game. This does not include changing goalkeepers for penalties unless the change was made prior to the final whistle in full or extra time.
  • 3 substitutes shall be permitted at any time during a game. No other people to be in the dugout.
  • Rolling Substitutes – A player who has been replaced may return to the playing area as a substitute for another player. Substitutions may only take place with the referee being made aware of the change.
  • The substitution must be made – both incoming and outgoing player – from the substitution areas.
  • The incoming player cannot enter the pitch until the outgoing player has completely crossed the sideline.
  • The referee must be aware of a change being made.
  • A minimum of 3 players on the pitch must be of the original team or of those who have been bought along on the night of the game. They must play ahead of any players that have been used to make up the numbers from another team.
  • In addition players can only be registered and be eligible to play for two teams (ONLY), players bought in to make up the numbers will award the opposition 1 goal for every player (if 6-A-Side) and 2 goals for every player (if 5-A-Side).
  • Only flat or dimpled rubber. Astroturf trainers are accepted. No Blades or Studs (I.E. NO Outdoor wear).
  • The wearing of shin-guards is not compulsory but is recommended for your own safety.
  • Players must not use equipment or wear anything, which is dangerous to himself or any other player.
  • In the event of 2 teams wearing the same colours; alternative coloured bibs will be supplied.
  • Any loss of footwear during the game will result in the ball given to the opposing keeper.
  • The match will last for 40 minutes. Two equal periods of 20 minutes.
  • There will be a half time interval of up to one minute.
  • If a penalty kick has to be taken or retaken, the duration of the match will be extended until the penalty kick is completed.
  • At the beginning of the game the choice of ends shall be decided by the toss of a coin.
  • Both teams shall be in their own half of the playing area for the start of play, and, if appropriate, at the start of extra time.
  • On a signal from the referee the home team shall start the game by passing the ball backwards from the centre mark.
  • The game shall be restarted by the conceding goalkeeper’s hand.
  • There is no height restriction.
  • The goalkeeper shall return the ball into play underarm within 6 seconds of the keeper holding the ball. If this is not the case the Referee will award a direct free-kick, 2yds outside the area.
  • Time-wasting: Pass back to the keeper must be picked up within 5 seconds or the Referee will award a direct free-kick, 2yds outside the area.
  • There is no offside.
  • In a 6-A-Side game (not a 5-A-Side game), one player must remain in the oppositions half at all times during the game. In the event of this not being the case, the referee will award a one step penalty.
  • Both feet and the whole of the player must remain in the oppositions half. Even if a small part of a player’s foot/body is over the line it will be a penalty.

A referee shall be appointed to officiate in each game. He has full authority to enforce the laws of the game in connection with the match to which he has been appointed.
The referee shall report to the organisers at the end of each game as follows:
a) final score
b) names of any players cautioned/sent off/reported for misconduct:
  • If the referee has to abandon a game due to a particular teams behaviour or incident then a 5-0 result will go in favour of the opposing team.
  • If the game is abandoned due to both teams behaviour or incident(s), then both teams will get a 5-0 defeat.
  • Aggressive physical play is forbidden and shall be penalised by the awarding of an direct free kick.
  • Sliding tackles or general sliding will be penalised by an direct free kick. Players are required to retreat 2 yards. Failure to do so may result in a loss of a further 3 yards to defending teams.
  • Play will be stopped if players tackle or touch the ball while they are on the floor. Ball will be returned to the opposing keeper.
  • There is the use of SIN-BINS.
  • If a player receives a sin-bin he will have to sit out TWO minutes of the game immediately. A second sin-bin will mean he shall not be able to take part in the rest of the game. A dismissed player may not be replaced by a substitute.

* Persistent fouling, persistent foul language and intentional handball will result in a TWO minute sin bin.  
  • If a player is given a red card, he will automatically miss 1 game or longer depending on the offence. One month or banned from the centre may apply.
  • If the red card is given in the first match of the evening, he will automatically miss the next game of the evening.
A player is sent off and shown the red card if he commits any of the following offences:
  • Is guilty of deliberate serious foul play
  • Is guilty of violent conduct
  • Spits at an opponent or any other person
  • Uses continuous offensive, insulting or abusive language to the Referee or Opponents
  • Receives a second yellow card / Sin Bin in the same match
  • At free kicks opposing players shall be at least 2 yards from the ball. All free kicks given against the defending side committed in or near the goal area shall be taken from a distance not less than 2 yards outside the area at the nearest point to where the offence occurred.
  • All free kicks will be direct and can be taken quickly as long as the ball is not moving and taken from the correct place. It is to the referees discretion if he feels the need to confirm for play to continue.

  • A penalty kick shall be taken from the penalty mark
  • Only 1 step is allowed before kicking the ball
  • Rebounds are allowed as long as all players are behind the ball when the penalty is taken.
  • If a player is through on goal and has a goal scoring opportunity and is fouled by an opponent then this will result in a penalty and player committing foul to be sin binned.
  • The goalkeeper must stay on his line until the penalty is taken.
  • Only the defending goalkeeper is allowed within the goal area.

  • The punishment for infringement is:
  1. By the attack – roll out by the goalkeeper
  2. By the defence – a penalty kick

The whole of the goalkeeper must remain within the line of the goal area. Even if a small part of a goalkeeper’s foot/hand/body is out of the area it will be a penalty. The same principle applies to the attacking team: They must remain completely out of the goal area. If the attacker scores and the contact with ball was made when outside the area and momentum takes him in afterwards the goal will count. NOTE referees should distinguish between accidental and intentional entry into the goal area. Only deliberate actions where the player either plays the ball, tries to play the ball or seeks to gain an advantage, should be penalised. Accidental entry, which has no effect on the play, should be ignored. If the keeper makes a save, IN THE AREA, comes out of the area by momentum after the save, and it is unintentional, then it is not a penalty. The final decision is the referees and his interpretation.  
  • The goalkeeper must return the ball with an underarm bowling action. It must not be thrown or kicked.

  • The goalkeeper cannot receive the ball after he has played it to a member of his team, unless the ball has been played by a second player. Penalty for infringement is a direct free kick 2 yards outside the area. This spot has been marked.

  • The goalkeeper cannot leave his area. A penalty will be given against the goalkeeper if this rule is infringed deliberately.
  • The goalkeeper must not intentionally pass the ball with his feet. If the referee decides the ball has been intentionally kicked then an direct free kick is taken 2 yards outside the goal area. This spot has been marked.

  • The goalkeeper, when returning the ball into play, must allow the ball to bounce in their own half. Failure to do so will result in a direct free kick 2 yards outside the area. This spot has been marked.
Teams must cancel their games 24 hours before kick-off of their game. Failure to do so will result in an automatic 10-0 defeat. Sixes Management will consider removing teams from league for teams repeatedly failing to cancel before the 24 hour period.   INSURANCE
All participants entering into sporting activities do so entirely at their own risk and Copa Sports & Leisure Ltd T/A ‘Sixes’, management, the organisers, their servants or agents do not accept any liability for any personal injury or loss/damage to property howsoever caused.   ANY DISPUTES ARISING WILL BE SETTLED BY THE SIXES MANAGEMENT AND IT'S DECISION WILL BE FINAL   Sixes Management will decide whether the team or player could be suspended for the duration of the games, league, tournament, months or even life ban depending upon the seriousness of the incident.

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