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League FAQ

When are the leagues held?
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday leagues start at 7pm and on Sunday from 5:30pm.  

How long are the games?
Games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are 40 minutes, (20 minutes each way).  

How many teams are in each division?
Generally there are between 10 and 15 in each league, but this does vary.  

Are referees and match ball included? Every league match is refereed and match ball(s) provided.  

How long is a season?
This depends on the number of teams. All the leagues vary in size but the league lasts approx. 3-4 months. This includes playing each team twice or even three times.  

How many players can my team use for a match?
For 5-a-side leagues a maximum of eight players per game may be used. For 6-a-side leagues a maximum of nine players per game may be used.  

Can we use more than 8/9 players during the season?
Yes, you may use as many players as you like, however, players may only be registered to play in two teams on any given night (Except Goalkeepers they can play for as many teams as they wish). In 6-A-Side games your opponent is awarded 1 goal for every ineligible player in 5-A-Side 2 goals are awarded.  

How do we know what grade of league to enter? I don't know how my team compares to other teams.
We can offer grading games if you would like them.  

Can I choose what night of the week I play?
Yes, if there is a vacancy you can join right away, if not you may choose another night.  

When is the next season?
Sixes run a number of different leagues so you can start immediately!  

Do I need to have a team already or can you team me up with players?
It is better if you have a team, but if not we can place your details on our Sixes Transfer List and try to match you up with other players or a current team looking for players.  

Do my players need to wear shin guards?
No, but we do advise that you try and use them at all times.  

What footwear should we wear?
Training shoes, moulded soles or astro boots - NO screw in studded footwear or blades.  

Do we need to wear matching strips?
No, but it does help. Wearing the same colour of top can be useful if you have no strips. Bibs are available at Sixes. We have several contacts if you would like to buy strips at very reasonable prices.  

What time should we turn up to play?
We text you the fixtures a few days in advance, every week. If you are fine to play at the at time, text or call to confirm or to say you prefer a different time that particular week. Unlike other centres we are very flexible with the times that suit you and your team. Before each game starts your team manager will need to pay for the game and team managers should arrive a good 10 to 15 minutes prior to the game start time.  

What do I pay for?
You only pay for your weekly match fee.  

What do the winners and runners up of each division win?
The winners receive the league cup and both the winners and runners-up receive individual trophies.  

How do I go about joining one of the leagues at Sixes?
It couldn’t be easier, just give us a call, email us or drop by the centre. You can let us know what league you fancy or let us suggest one for you.  

Can my team join a league mid-season?
Yes, providing there is a vacancy available.  

What happens if our opposition doesn't turn up?
Our staff work very hard to confirm all games before hand but on the odd occasion that your opposition does not show we try to arrange an alternative game for you.  

What happens if a team drops out of your league?
We do ask teams to sign up in advance for the full season. However, if a team does pull out we will try to replace them as quickly as possible. In the meantime we will try to arrange alternative games for your team.  

What facilities are provided at Sixes?
There are changing facilities. Showers, floodlit car park and the sports bar with a great selection of beers and screened football.  

Can I get a drink after playing?
Yes. Sixes has a fully licensed sports bar where you can relax with a drink and watch the latest SKY TV / BT Sports action.  

Are there changing facilities?

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